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With reference to the above subject Please note that We at “S V Hi-Tech Bearings India Pvt Ltd” to our "One roof solution in a Bearings supply to industrial needs", we expanded our divisions as follows with industrial standard . Our respective Marketing & Sales team will always keep in touch with your Maintenance as well Purchase team by continuous business visits.

Mechanical Division : -

Ø All types of industrial bearings
Ø Linear motion guide with blocks
Ø Ball screw Assembly
Ø Linear motion bearing & shafts

Utility Division: -
Ø Control Valves
Ø Weighing Scales
Ø Pulleys and couplings
Ø Air Regulators & Filters
Ø Custody transfer pumps

Electrical Division:-

Ø Timing belts, V Belts
Ø Switch gear assembly
Ø Gear box assembly + Motors
Ø Vibrator motors
Ø Induction Motors
Ø Stepper & Servo motors
Ø Push buttons, switches

Test & Measurement Division:-

Ø SKF-Bearing Puller Series
Ø SKF-Bearing fitting tools and gauges
Ø SKF-Heaters for Mounting and Discounting of Bearings
Ø Oil power The SKF Oil Injection Method
Ø SKF-Condition Monitoring Instruments
Ø SKF-Bearing Lubricants
Ø Multimeter & Clamp meter
Ø Insulation tester
Ø Vibration meter
Ø Thermal Imager
Ø Power quality analyzer
Ø IR –Thermo Meter
Ø Hydrometer
Ø Split level Indicator

Instrumentation & Automation Division:-

Ø Oil & Water flow meters
Ø ElectroMagnetic flow meter
Ø Turbine flow meter
Ø Pressure Gauges & switches
Ø Pressure Transmitters
Ø Temperature Gauges
Ø Temperature Transmitters
Ø RTD’S Thermocouples
Ø Level switches & Transmitters
Ø Hydrostatic Level Transmitters
Ø Speedometers
Ø Water quality Analyzers-PH, Cl2, EC, TDS, DO
Ø Process Indicators, PID Controllers
Ø Magnetic Detector
Ø Proximity Sensors (Inductive, Capacitive, Magnetic, Optical)

We would be pleased to receive vendor registration & inquiries from your organization, which shall give us an opportunity to prove ourselves as a key partner in our attempt to cost & productivity optimization in today¡¦s competitive world.

Regarding any enquiry, please feel free to contact us.P.ARAVINDH - Sr. Sales Executive -
Customer care
093822 62203
094453 94232
090257 88335

Warm & Regards
For S.V. Hi-Tech Bearings India Pvt Ltd.
Managing Director
093810 19307

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